Millions of vehicles have now been recalled by Honda, Toyota, and other major auto-makers because airbags exploded, failed to deploy, opened without warning, or had other problems that can cause severe injury or even death.

Toyota has told North American dealers to stop selling six popular models with heated seats because a soft material beneath the seat covers does not comply with U.S. safety standards.

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This website provides information regarding the reason for some of these recalls, the models affected, the problems that could arise and ultimately how you should proceed if you have been harmed as a result of driving one of these defective vehicles.

Please note: this is NOT a comprehensive list of Toyota vehicle recalls. To lookup safety recalls and service campaigns released since 1999 for Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles intended for sale or sold in the U.S., U.S. Territories, and Mexico
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Toyota Lexus Recall attorneyToyota has recalled over 780,000 Toyota RAV4 sport utility vehicles and Lexus HS 250h autos because the rear suspension arm will loosen over time and develop damage to the rear tie rod:

This damage will eventually lead to a failure, which could cause the vehicle to lose control. The model years affected are from 2006 through 2011 for both vehicles that were manufactured from October 2005 through September 2010. This is the second time Toyota has had to recall these vehicles for the same problem. The first recall occurred in August 2012 where Toyota attempted to correct the problem, but failed.

Another recall affects 133,000 2006-2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUVs and Lexus RX 400h vehicles from 2006-2008 due to overheating problems. Certain transistors within these hybrid cars could be damaged during regular use, causing the car to lose power and steering capabilities. A third recall affects 102,000 Lexus IS 350, IS 350C, and GS 350 vehicles. The model years in this recall are from 2006 to 2011. Toyota claims that certain bolts that were installed in timing controlled mechanisms can become loose while driving. If the bolts continue to loosen, the vehicles affected can stop completely while in use.

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The US Government applies certain regulations on manufacturers to insure against defective products; but those regulations often go unenforced, and may lack the sufficient penalties to curb abuse.
As consumers, we trust that the products we purchase meet certain standards for safety. In most cases this trust is well founded, but unfortunately defective and dangerous products still do find their way into our homes, hospitals, offices and businesses.

If you have sustained injuries or substantial property damage because of a product defect you may have a product liability claim.

Product liability relates to any harm to consumers stemming from marketing misrepresentation, manufacturing defects, poor design, labeling errors, or the failure to warn of specific side effects or additional risks.
An experienced product liability attorney helps individuals in the prosecution of reckless or negligent manufacturers who distribute defective or mislabeled products. Product liability lawsuits are often the consumer's most effective weapon against unreasonably dangerous products. If you or a loved one have been injured by the failure of a dangerous or defective product, Houston, Texas based personal injury attorney Brent M. Cordell can inform you of your legal rights and options.

If you have suffered any sort of injury as a result of a defective Toyota vehicle, you have the right to hold the manufacturer responsible for your injuries. Brent M. Cordell specializes in product liability and can help you review the facts of your case, complete the necessary paperwork, understand relevant laws, and ultimately receive the damages you deserve.

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